Sports Communications

Union College
Office of Sports Communications

Jay Stancil, Director of Strategic Sports Communications
Taylor Drake, Assistant Director of Sports Communications
Jon North, Director of Sports Broadcast
310 College Street, Box D-14
Barbourville, KY 40906
E-mail: [email protected]

Sports Responsibilities
Jay Stancil - Email
Football, Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Cross Country, Track & Field, Bowling, Archery, Softball
Taylor Drake - Email
Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Cycling, Golf, Tennis, Women's Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Baseball, Lacrosse
Jon North - Email
Broadcasts majority of home events.

The Union College Office of Sports Communications provides complete information and media services regarding the institution's 26 intercollegiate sports. The department is responsible for all public and media relations pertaining to athletics, athletic department publications, the athletic department's Internet web site, statistical and historical record keeping for all sports and other promotional activities surrounding the athletic department.

The Office of Sports Communications is located on the second floor of Norton Hall.

A complete description of the services provided by the Union College Sports Communications Office follows:

Media Services and Policies

Interviews - All interviews with Union College coaches, student-athletes and staff members must be arranged through the Office of Sports Communications. After games, matches and other athletic events, locker rooms are generally off limits to members of the media. Player and coach interviews, however, may be conducted outside locker room entrances or on the playing surface after a minimal, 10-minute cooling off period for participants.

Practices - Practices are generally open to members of the media. Prior knowledge of attendance, however, is a much appreciated gesture.

Game Day Coverage and Press Passes - Any media member covering a game, match or other contest hosted by Union College is asked to reserve a press credential at least 24 hours prior to the event. While last minute media are welcome, prior knowledge of your arrival is much appreciated. For most sports, the Office of Sports Communications will provide statistical information and/or box scores as soon after each home match as possible.

Press Conferences - In the event of a press conference, the primary media covering Union College Athletics will be notified as far in advance as possible. To be added to the primary media list, contact the Office of Sports Communications.

Game Programs, Game Notes and Media Information - Pregame information may be obtained from the Office of Sports Communications when available. If notes, programs, etc., are not available, the Sports Information Office will assist members of the working media in any way possible to ensure accurate reporting.

Technology - At most Union College Athletic events, a general phone and fax line and photocopier will be made available to members of the working media. When those amenities are unavailable, the Office of Sports Communications or another office will be made available before, during and after events.

Radio - Any visiting radio broadcasts must reserve their seating and phone lines at least two weeks in advance of the covered event. While late-comers are welcome, phone lines and seating can not be guaranteed. For football and basketball, one analog phone line will be reserved for visiting radio, whether previous arrangements have been made or not.

Photographers - Photographers are asked to stay between the 30-yard line and the end zone for football and in the respective end zones for basketball. For all other sports, standard shooting spots may be utilized. Similar policies apply for credentials and seating reservations.